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I found out about your product almost 10 years ago. It was awesome and then it was really hard to find it and when I found it something changed and I found that it did not work as well. Last week I was breaking out really bad and so I went to the store and saw your new packaging so I decided that I would give you guys a try again. One word, FANTASTIC. I used the product as a mask, leaving it on for about 5 minutes then rinsing. My skin is so clear it is amazing. I hope that you guys don’t keep changing it around!

– Chichi, Customer

Struggling with acne in high-school was not cute. Now that I am going to college I started using ZAPZYT and overnight my acne went away. I love the results of this product thank you so much. You really boosted my confidence about how beautiful my skin really is.

– Raakia Jones, Customer

My face is combination. I have been battling it for years. I feel like I am not pretty. It makes me very depressed. I try to cake on makeup, I’ve tried some products but never get the best results. I just want to feel pretty…

– Shaina Stouffer, Customer

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I’ve had acne ever since I was 10 (I’m now 18) and have tried numerous products, but none ever worked. Well, not until I came across ZAPZYT Gel. I am SO impressed with your product. Never have I found a cream that works to remove zits as fast as yours. I will certainly be recommending your brand to my friends and will definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future. Thank you!

– Paige Chester, Customer

Best Product Ever! Not even proactive can beat it! Works fast & it’s affordable!!

– Carina De Paz, Customer

I just got this and used it for the first time last night on a big pimple I had and I woke up this morning and it was virtually gone. I have used many products from Proactive to prescription and this is by far better than them all.

– Tammy Horak, Customer

I just wanted to say that ZAPZYT is a life saver for us! My son is 14 and has horrible break outs. We used several face washes, scrubs and one very popular “as seen on tv” product and nothing worked on him. On a whim I bought ZAPZYT and the next day you could see a difference! My son is always reminding me when his ZAPZYT is running low. As a mother I wish he did not have to have break outs but I am also happy that there is a product like ZAPZYT to help him along. Thanks zapzyt!

– Jennifer Harmon, Customer

Hello, We LOVE your product! My son, 17, has moderate acne and we tried everything! Nothing worked until we bought ZAPZYT. The 1st time he uses your product it started working. We could actually see within a couple hours that the pimples and blackheads were vanishing! We will no longer spend a lot of money on those “program” multi-step infomercial products that don’t work. My son uses it every day to keep zits from coming back. His high school photo this year shows a clear faced teen. Many thank for making it so easy for him to care for his skin. We would LOVE to receive coupons, info or to use our testimonial! MANY THANKS!

– Wendy Berkey, Customer

I love ZAPZYT products! I recommend ZAPZYT to anyone with breakouts – from the occasional zit, mild breakouts, or more bothersome breakouts. Why ZAPZYT? Because it works! Not only does ZAPZYT work amazingly well, it works better than the more expensive products! ZAPZYT does what all the other acne products claim to do. Thank You ZAPZYT!

– Melissa Belue, Customer

To whomever it may concern,

I have been a believer of ZAPZYT ever since I purchased it at Rite Aid over a year ago! I have tried Proactiv, Acne free, Clearasil, Clinique, etc.. products within my 6-7 year battle with acne (now 20 years old) and nothing.. I mean NOTHING .. clears up my skin like the ZAPZYT face wash! I am on prescription oral medications and creams and none of it can come close to ZAPZYT. This stuff is an absolute miracle in a bottle! I have actually told all of my friends struggling with acne about ZAPZYT because I love it so much.

Within the past month or so I ran out of my last bottle and I have found none of the Walgreens, Rite Aid, cvs, or Walmarts around me carry the facewash anymore!! I have found that all online retailers have extra taxes and fees and shipping as well. Please bring my facewash back to the Southern NJ area!

Thank you. (and thank you for a wonderful product)

– Rebecca Sayers, Customer

Right after I graduated high school, I broke out HORRIBLY, all over my face. I tried everything! I tried everything under the sun; all of the treatments seemed to make things worse. I suffered with that acne for 8 months and my confidence plummeted. Last week I saw ZAPZYT at the store and thought, “What the heck? Why not? I’ve tried everything else.” I kid you not, one week later, it’s ALL gone. Even some of my scars from other treatments have vanished. I couldn’t be happier and I can never thank you enough for, not only clearing my face, but giving me confidence again.

– Sierra N Lippert, Customer

I am writing to inform you of my satisfaction with your product. I had received a free sample of your product in the mail and I have to admit, I was done trying over the counter products by this time. I felt like I had tried everything. I had even been to a dermatologist and received some prescriptions but my insurance stopped covering one of the medications and I had a two month wait until I could get back into the dermatologist! I began using the ZAPZYT product on my problem area (my chin) and within 48 hours my zits receded. My husband even had a breakout and used the product and was impressed. Thanks for reopening my eyes- I can manage my breakout with your product without expensive prescriptions. Thanks again, keep up the good work. And thanks for taking the time to read this email.

– Jenna Brown, Customer

Thank you so much for your 10% benzoyl peroxide gel. I’ve tried a lot of acne products that didn’t work. I’ve been using your BP treatment and it has really controlled my acne. My face is bright and clear and I get a lot of compliments now. This was a life saver, please never stop selling this product.

Product: ZAPZYT Benzoyl Peroxide

– Rachel Gaskin, Customer

Hello. I wanted to write to your company and let you know what a wonderful product you have. About 4 years ago my husband started to get acne pretty bad on the back of his head and neck. He then battled the pain and discomfort for years before I stumbled across your product. In the past year since he has been using ZAPZYT his acne has disappeared 100%. He might get the occasional blemish but nothing compared to what it once was. I just wanted to thank you for your amazing product and let you know that we are faithful followers of your product.

– Jennifer Michelotti, Customer

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